When I was in high school, I took my first web design class. It being the year 2000, web development was much different than it is today. I learned about frames, tables, image maps, and inline styling. In my spare time, I made fan web pages, mostly geared towards Sailor Moon and other anime shows. These little projects never actually made it to the web.

Friends and other aspects of high school eventually took me away from this hobby I so enjoyed, but when I decided to go back to college in 2014, my love for web development was rekindled. I also found that absolutely everything had changed. I mean, do you remember webrings? I do!

Now I find my spare time is filled with coding. I am trying to learn as much as I can, and every day it's something new. Challenges feed my brain, and those eventual Ah-ha, I get it! moments are so satisfying that I'm constantly wanting more.




University of South Florida:
2014-Present; Pursuing BS in Information Studies; estimated graduation Fall of 2016
Flagler College:
2003-2004; Pursued BS in Accounting
King High School:


Web development track (in progress)
Web development course with instructor Colt Steele (in progress)

Bandloc Project

Link: http://www.amandacodes.com/bandloc_project

Bandloc.com is a project started by my employer. The idea is to be able to find local music events easily. I decided to take on a redesign of Bandloc.com for my Advanced Web Design independent study for USF, Spring 2016. I wanted to be able to scrape webpages for event listings and dynamically display them. This has become a much more difficult task than I realized. Currently the page is displaying data scraped from one website, but merging data from multiple websites while deleting duplicate information has proven to be a difficult, if not impossible, process, at least in my scope of knowledge. The page content is called via AJAX. I believe I am going to start building a manual database in the future but maintaining it will be difficult. Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Google Sheets, Sheetsu API

Bandloc.com Shreenshot

SBChecks Project

Under Construction (See Resumé)

School Project

Under Construction (See Resumé)


Amanda Bates

St. Petersburg, FL





Resourceful, creative, and versatile professional with ten years managerial experience.

Currently majoring in Information Studies at the University of South Florida.

Currently seeking an entry-level position in front-end web development. I am looking for an opportunity to grow with a company while strengthening and expanding my skills and experience.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • GIT
  • Functional knowledge of Javascript and jQuery.
  • Current learning focus is AJAX and APIs.
  • Experience in designing web mockups with Adobe Photoshop
  • Active listener; understanding of client issues and expedient with solutions
  • Dependable, diligent work ethic. Able to work independently with minimal to no supervision

Project Links


Customer Relationship Manager

2012 - Present

Sentinel Screening, LLC

Brandon, FL

Duties consist of customer service email, quality analysis, and data entry

Applicable skills: time management, problem solving, customer service

Side project: created a landing page for my employer using HTML & CSS

Branch Manager

2005 - 2012

FIS Outdoor

Brandon, FL and Sebring, FL

Duties consisted of staff management, inventory management, delivery routing, product line training, forklift operations, and showroom displays

Applicable skills: customer service, teamwork, communication, decision making, supervising, creativity, relationship building, sales

Data Entry Operator

2004 - 2005

L&D Marketing

Tampa, FL

Duties consisted of programming phone dialer, entry of leads into Microsoft Access databases, administrative duties such as copying, faxing, and receiving phone calls

Applicable skills: customer service, Microsoft Access

Side project: self-motivated to independently study MS Access in order to create a new and more efficient database infrastructure; left position before it could be completed